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If you see any sort of progress indicator next to a game’s name, you can’t play it offline – ensure each game you want to play is fully downloaded and updated before going offline.Launch each game you want to play offline at least once.Once "localconfig.vdf" is created, you can then exit Steam, disconnnect from the internet, and then run Steam / Tomb Raider in "offline" mode.On Windows XP, is located here: Program Files\Steam\userdata\ is your account number created by Steam.If I've downloaded this single player game information, why do I have to be connected to anything?If the issue is with Origin and not my game, can I get rid of the damned thing and continue my gameplay please? If not, give us feel free to ask again and I'll see if I can find some other solution (a bit more information would be appreciated though. any error codes you can find, origin version, game version, system preferences, etc.) Note, step by step for disabling Origin in game comes from this article at EAs official help center.

I've seen this launcher format before, it's a nice tool for you guys to try to sell me other games, BUT in the middle of gameplay (Mass Effect 3) the game suddenly closes with a message saying it's an Origin issue (Origin's not working or connected or something like that).

I checked out all the system req stuff and it should be alright as well (as well as firewall checks, etc) I managed to get another 10 mins of gameplay in, finally taking down the 2 nasties that I was having trouble with (cuz I'm not a shooter girl), and bam.. I downloaded this game because I wanted a cool game, where I can be a strong female character, and not have to deal with the annoying people on chat like my other regular mmorpg.

Just a nice single player I could immerse myself in, relax and enjoy the ride...

By running Steam / Tomb Raider "offline", your profile and game progress won't get mixed up by the Steam cloud copy of these files, allowing you to use local backup / restore to switch between runs (perhaps multiple players in a household).

This also avoids updating Tomb Raider with a patch (apparently the first patch had issues).

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