Updating 2 prong electrical outlets

This means if you must replace a faulty two prong receptacle, you aren’t breaking any codes if you choose not to upgrade.

First and foremost, turn off electricity to the circuit you're working on.

If arc-fault circuit interruption is required, an arc-fault circuit interruption device should be installed.

These devices do not require a grounding conductor, so can be installed in a circuit without a ground. Where a receptacle outlet is supplied by a branch circuit that requires arc-fault circuit interrupter protection as specified elsewhere in this Code, a replacement receptacle at this outlet shall be one of the following: (1) A listed outlet branch circuit type arc-fault circuit-interrupter receptacle.

Occasionally though, you move into a place that doesn't have a three-prong outlet where you need one, so how do you remedy the situation?

You switch out your two-prong for a three-prong, but there's a lot to consider before you start rewiring your apartment.

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